Beginner - Intermediate Class

Students in first grade and older, (kindergarten and older in Burlington) will learn basic tumbling skills, such as headstands, handstands, cartwheels, and back bridges and more advanced skills, such as back handsprings.


In addition to basic tumbling, they also work on some balance beam, gymnastics bar, rings, springboard, vaulting and tumbling trampoline.


Along with tumbling skills, students will learn basic trampoline skills, such as jumps, front drops, back drops, and twisting skills. Students will also work on more advanced skills, such as front flips, back flips and routines. 


The recreational classes are a wonderful fit for students that are in the beginning to intermediate stages. As always, building the students self confidence is key in our instruction


Prices listed below are the monthly fees.

Emporia 2021 Summer Session

Session starts June 1, 2021