Team Fundraisers

Deadlines & Links

All checks to written to:

Sunflower Gymnastics Booster Club

Sales Tax Chart - CLICK HERE

Sales Tax is 8.5%

Take sale price x 1.085 = Total due

Ex. $13.00 x 1.085 = $14.11

Kansas Maid Pastries (collect sales tax)

Profit 50% 

AFTER you have done the selling of the pastries... click the link below and fill out the form. 

DO NOT bring me your form with your money. The link will produce the order.

Order Sheet

Place Pastries Order Here

DEADLINE Oct. 6, 2018

Double Good Popcorn (collect sales tax)

Profit 50%

Popcorn Online Sales Link (NOT ACTIVE YET)

DEADLINE TBA (Waiting on order forms)

Chocolate Pre-Order $1 ea. Profit $.41

(sales tax taken out of profit)

Link to Order Chocolate Form


Delivery TBA