Athlete attire for practice

Athletes must be dressed appropriately for practice.

– Girls must be in a leotard, tight shorts may be worn over the leotard for practice if desired. Hair must be up, extra long hair may require extra attention with a french braid or a bun. Pony tails can whip around and hit the athlete in the eye or get caught in equipment if it is too long.

– Boys must wear a tight shirt, compression shirts are often a good choice, and shorts that are above the knee. Loose clothing is not acceptable.

– No jewelry may be worn.

– Trampoline shoes are required for trampoline and double mini trampoline. We stock all sizes in two different styles at the gym. See us to get fitted. If we are out of your size, we will order it in ASAP. Socks may be worn in a pinch, but can be slippery on the trampolines.


Fees Associated with Competing and more

2021 Girls Leotard $79 (tax and shipping included)  

Boys Leotard ONLY TBA

Boys Leotard & Shorts TBA

Boys MUST have black shorts that have a 5" inseam or less.

NEW IN 2019-20

We have taken the USAG Registration Fee reimbursement OUT of the monthly competitor fee and reduced the monthly fee and the number of months it is now paid. 

Competitor Fee: $14 per month - September through May

USAG Fee: $61 Parent pays USA Gymnastics when parent registers them with USAG.


How many meets are required?

Invitationals in Kansas $65, Meets in other states $60-100, State $100, Regionals $125, Nationals $150

We travel to meets in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas.

Regionals, Stars and Stripes and Nationals move every year.

You must compete at a minimum 3 meets if you are on team.

The Emporia meets require 1 volunteer per family


2021 Competition Schedule


Proper Meet Attire

Girls- Long Sleeve Leotard, No undies under leotard (you can buy black undies if needed)

Boys- leotard, short shorts, long pants (no boxer shorts, boys need to wear briefs)

Trampoline shoes

No Jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets, watches)

All hair tied back (braids work really well, ponytails are NOT legal), Only soft hair ties (no biting clips)  No Glitter (hair glitter, body glitter)


At the Meets-

Parents sitting together at meets , this is a great time to meet some great new people Meet Schedule posted on our website and our TEAM Facebook page as soon as we have it done.

Travel plans, we often try to find a hotel when traveling where we can get a group rate.

Carpooling - are we there yet? Hotel sharing - ouch… scoot over!

Bring healthy snacks/lunch for your child


Judge Recruiting

DATE TBA TRAINING - Paid to judge at meets - Training paid for by Sunflower Gymnastics - We invest over $200 in each judge (training, usag membership, safety certification, background check) You get paid for your judging at meets.


Academic Scholarships

Connor DeJesus has been awarded 6 scholarships due to his involvement in Trampoline and Tumbling. As of 2020 Connor as been awarded over $5600 from the KTTA and Karalyn Karjala, whom just started at ESU, just received a $500 scholarship from KTTA.


Fundraising - NOT REQUIRED

NEW in 2018!!!

We will NOT be keeping the money in booster accounts after all the fund raisers are done. We will issue checks to the parent responsible for the athletes fees for the PROFITS. The profit is the money left AFTER we take out Cost of Goods, Sales Tax and any shipping that may apply.

After you have been given the money, it is yours to use how you see fit. We are trying a HANDS OFF approach this year to try and save me the headache of balancing 70 different booster accounts.

---Kansas Maid Pastries-  50% profit

Delivery date/time will be emailed to you when we get it. YOU MUST PICK THEM UP THEN OR HAVE SOMEONE PICK THEM UP FOR YOU...we do NOT have FREEZER space for this FROZEN product. Profit is 50% - You MUST collect Sales Tax or be prepared to lose that portion of your profit.


---Popcorn Palace- ONLINE TOO!!! DEADLINE TBA - Delivery date will be emailed to you when we get it. Profit is 50% (MINUS SHIPPING) - You MUST collect Sales Tax or be prepared to lose that portion of your profit.

Important things to know about meets and scoring

We will try to have a coach with the students while they are competing their events, but there are times where 2 flights are going on Tumbling, 2 flights on Trampoline and one flight on Double-mini. We can only be one place at a time.


All events are scored out of 10 points.

Tumbling - If a student gets spotted then there is no score for that skill, but I would rather a deduction than your child getting hurt. If they hop, or move a foot before the power hurdle there is a .2 deduction from all 3 judges.

Not rebounding or landing on one foot after the rebound is a big deduction.

Each step taken after the landing is .1-.3 deduction (max of .3)

Trampoline - Only completed routines can get full score

If a student takes an extra bounce, touches a pad, lands on one foot, exits the trampoline bed, stops or does the wrong skill in their routine - all skills done after that are worth zero points.

Double-mini - There are many ways on double-mini to get a score of Zero.

Not landing on the trampoline with both feet, landing on the middle red zone twice, not crossing over the red on the stretch bounce or the mounter skill, doing the wrong skill.

There are also many landing deductions with double mini

not making it off the double mini on the last skill, not sticking the landing, not holding the “stick” for 3 seconds, touching the double mini after dismount, touching the landing mats with anything besides your feet, stepping or landing out of the landing zone.


Monthly Competitor Fee

Monthly $14 Competitor Fee per athlete due along with your monthly class fees.

This fee is a monthly fee and will be due EVERY month, September through May.

What does the Competitor fee pay for?​

  1. Coaches Fees at Invitational meets - previously a $10-15 charge was rolled into each meet fee to pay for coaches transportation, lodging, meals and of course coaching at the event. That fee will NO LONGER be added onto the meet fees.

  2. Regional and Nationals Coaching Fees. Previously, Regionals had a $50 coaching fee and Nationals coaching fees could range from $250-450 per athlete, depending on where the event is being held and how many athletes are participating. These fees will NO LONGER be added to your entry fees.


What does the Competitor fee NOT pay for?

  1. USAG Athlete Membership

  2. Leotards, shoes, warm ups, any competition attire.

  3. Competition Entry Fees

  4. International Coaching Fee


Why do we handle coaches fees this way?

  1. It makes our Regionals and National competitions more affordable for ALL athletes to participate.

  2. It will encourage more competitors to compete at more events as they are already paying the coaching fee and meet fees will not have any additional fees rolled into it.

  3. It will help to continue the growth in our sport by supporting BOTH the athletes and the coaches that are attending Regional and National events.

  4. Because this is a per athlete fee, it will not affect the class fees for athletes that are attending more than once a week.


Who does this affect?

All athletes that are on our Competitive Team.