Class Procedures

Updated for the Summer of 2021

These procedures below may be changed at any time as the situation evolves. (updated 5/30/2021)

We want parents to know that we are taking everyones health and safety seriously in this time of uncertainty. What follows are the steps we are taking to help insure the safety of our students, parents, guardians, and staff.​

OUR ENTIRE STAFF has been vaccinated and has the choice of wearing a mask if they wish.

QUARANTINED? If a student is living with someone that has had to be quarantined due to COVID-19, please do NOT bring your student to class.

PLEASE ENTER our building on the SOUTHWEST corner of the building by going DOWN the stairs below our sign. 

PLEASE WASH HANDS or sanitize at our sanitation station upon entering our building. To wash hands please use the bathrooms.

MASKS MAY BE WORN by students if they wish. Once they have entered the gym area we are able to social distance. The masks may be placed in their shoe cubby if they wish.

THE DRINKING FOUNTAINS have been opened back up after consulting with the Lyon County Health Department. Students may use them if they wish, or they can bring a water bottle to keep in their shoe cubby. PLEASE BRING WATER ONLY. 

CLEANING is performed in the gym after each day of classes, disinfecting bathrooms, fountains and high traffic areas.