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Thank you for your enrollment!
Below are Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at
620-340-0831 or email to

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How do I enroll in Sunflower Gymnastics?

If you are new to our gym, simply visit our Classes link find the right class for you.
If you are a current customer or a returning customer with an account, you will need to log into your account to register for classes. 
If you have been gone for an extended period, we may need to pull your account from our archive and make it active again.

How do I pay for classes?

We accept VISA, MC, Discover. Fees are charged automatically to your card on file the first of every month.
Cash and Check are also accepted.

What should my child wear for class?

We require either socks (grippy socks are preferred) or trampoline shoes while athletes are in the gym. Both are sold in the office.

For safety reasons for both the athlete and coach, we recommend, but do not require, leotards for the girls, shorts and tight t-shirt for the boys. Compression shirts are great for the boys too. A sports bra paired with shorts is NOT appropriate dress for gymnastics classes. Loose and baggy clothing is NOT acceptable. We sell GK Elite Leotards at both locations and offer 20% off of your first leotard from Sunflower Gymnastics.

Are you insured?

Yes. Our classes are insured by the industry leader in gymnastics insurance, K&K Insurance.

What are your sessions?

We have two sessions.
The School Year Session is September -May. 
The Summer Session is June - August.

Can we start class after the session has begun?

Yes. As long as there is space in a class a student may sign up for that class. We do not over book our classes, so there are often wait lists through out the year.

How do I schedule a make up?

Future absences can be scheduled on our website, thus allowing you to schedule a make up class online as well. By you scheduling your absence, this allows another student to use that spot as a make up. If EVERYONE does their part in scheduling their absence, there will be more spots available for you to choose as a make up. We do not guarantee a make up time since we never overbook our classes. 

For a demonstration, click below.

Can parents watch?

Absolutely! Parents can watch from our parents seating area. We only ask that parents are respectful of the instructors need to keep the children's attention. Yelling at their child from the seating area is not appreciated.

What is your coach to student ratio?

Depending on the class and ages of the students, ratios change.
Tots, 1:4
Tumble Bees, 1:6
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced 1:6.

At what age can my child start?

We list our starting age for Me & My Grown Up as 20 months, but we are able to start them younger. We will however insist on a FREE trial lesson so that we can determine if the child is ready for the class.

Where is the entrance?

We are located at 215 W. 6th Ave. You will want to park in the back of the building towards the west side, either in the parking lot or off street parking is available.
To enter you will need to go DOWN the stairs beneath our sign on the southwest corner of the building.

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