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Sunflower Academic Scholarship

Purpose of the Sunflower Academic Scholarship

The purpose of the Sunflower Gymnastics academic scholarship is to provide monetary assistance for athletes in need who wish to continue to train and compete for Sunflower Gymnastics during their college career.
It is the desire of Sunflower Gymnastics that by helping provide college tuition and education fees the athlete is able to focus more on training and competition.
It is also the desire of Sunflower Gymnastics that applicants are employed by Sunflower Gymnastics, enabling them to positively affect the students at Sunflower Gymnastics.

In order to be eligible athletes must:
• Competed with Sunflower Gymnastics for one full year.  National championships to National championships.
• If an athlete leaves Sunflower Gymnastics and returns they must compete with Sunflower Gymnastics for one full year before they will be eligible to apply for funding.
• Athletes must fill out and return the required application by the deadline posted on the Sunflower Gymnastics website in order to be eligible for academic scholarships.
• Must not be in default of payment or dues with Sunflower Gymnastics.
• May not be on probation with Sunflower Gymnastics.

Gymnastics Instruction

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