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Absence and Make Up Policy

Updated 7/7/2023

1. You must schedule your absences and make ups via the Parent Portal. 

2. You can schedule absences for today and as far in advance as you like (within the current session). Please schedule them as soon as you are able. 


3. Any absences that you have not scheduled in advance will not be eligible for make ups.

4. Prescheduled absences are eligible to be made up for up to 1 month from the date of the absence.

5. Make Ups must be scheduled a minimum of 2 hours before the start of the class and can be scheduled 1 week in advance at the most.


6. Prescheduled absences OLDER than 3 months are not eligible for make ups.


7. Make Ups must be scheduled within the current session. (School Year Session, Summer Session)

8. IF you need to cancel a scheduled absence, you must call or email BEFORE you will be able to use that day/time that you schedule your absence for. It MAY NOT be available anymore as someone may be using for a scheduled make up and we do NOT overbook classes.

9. Any scheduled make ups that a student does not show for are NOT able to be made up.

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