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School Year Enrollment

July 14 - Priority Enrollment Begins

July 21 - Open Enrollment Begins

Class Schedule will be posted by July 11.

If your desired class is full, make sure and put yourself on wait lists for all of the classes that work with your schedule.

Important Dates

Mid-July - Enrollment for 2024-25 Session

July 14 - Priority Enrollment

July 21 - Open Enrollment

July 29 - Last Day of Me & My Grown Up

August 23 - Last Day of Summer Session

Super Saturday Open Gym

We will be hosting Open Gym's on the following dates:


Watch here for more dates!

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Sunflower Winter Invitational

2022 SWI pic
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Competitive Team

Competitive team is for athletes who wish to reach the next level in their gymnastics and compete.
Athletes are invited to team based on their hard working positive attitude, listening skills, their gymnastics skill level and attendance.
Athletes on team work on skills required to compete on trampoline, double mini trampoline and power tumbling. We strive to help the athletes grow in their confidence as they learn new skills, grow as a teammate and push themselves and others to progress.

Intermediate - Advanced

Students who have reached a more advanced level are invited to these classes to continue and advance their skills at a higher level.
More emphasis is put on the round offs, back handsprings, aerials, back tucks on the floor. 
On the trampoline athletes work on advanced flipping and twisting skills.


Beginner - Intermediate

Gymnastics instruction for students in first grade and older. Students will learn basic tumbling skills, such as headstands, handstands, cartwheels, and back bridges and more advanced skills, such as back handsprings.
On trampoline students are taught trampoline safety and a large variety of skills to build body and air awareness.

Tumble Bees

This class is for students that are Kindergarten age children, 4 1/2 - 6 years old.

This class helps the students transition from tots class to hour-long class and gives new young students a good foundation in the basics.
Focus will be on basic tumbling and trampoline skills, apparatus work and class behavior.



This Instructor led gymnastics class is for ages 3-4.
Students work on headstands, handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, trampoline safety and skills.
Learning to put several skills together in a sequence is also used to help those growing brains.
Helping the students to listen and learn from their instructors is a goal of this class.

Me & My Grown Up

This is a great class for the young child and adult to enjoy time together exploring movement and starting to understand their little bodies.

The class is directed by instructor, yet parents work directly with the child.

This class will introduce the children to basic gymnastics positions, simple tumbling skills, and a variety of gymnastics equipment.

In addition to learning gymnastics, the children will also learn valuable social skills, like following directions and taking turns.


Adult - Teen Gymnastics Class

Adult -Teen Gymnastics Class is great for beginners or the former gymnast returning to the sport. Students will work on tumbling and trampoline skills from basic to advance. Set your goals and achieve. 

Come get your heart rate going!

Sunflower Gymnastics Now Enrolling
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